The Importance of Windows Pro for Your Business (2022)

Some companies prefer to source their computers themselves, while others prefer for their IT team to oversee buying and setting up their devices. For some businesses though, getting the correct computers or laptops for their employees can be a headache, especially if they don’t know what they are looking for.

Having your internal IT team, or Managed Service Provider (MSP), source and buy the computers that you use is an effective way of making sure that you have the best computers and software for your business.


Things to Consider When Getting A Business Computer


When companies buy computers for their employees, they tend to opt for ones that are mid-range regarding price and performance. This means that the devices work well, but may slow down over time if they are not suitable for the work they are being used for.

Buying your own computers for work can lead to a few problems, especially if you do not know which one is most appropriate for the work that your business does.

When purchasing a laptop or computer for work purposes, it is best to ensure that it has Windows Pro pre-installed, as it is not easily set up and managed for business purposes. If it doesn’t, it could end up being costly due to needing an upgrade.

Upgrading from Windows Home to Windows Pro can cost upwards of £120, as well as taking up your IT team’s time.


The Difference Between Windows Home and Windows Pro

Windows Home vs Windows Pro

When it comes to personal use, Windows Home is perfect for most people. This is because it has many useful aspects such as:

  • Basic Device Encryption

    – Encrypts your device so that only authorised individuals can access your device and data.

  • Firewall and Network Protection

    – Helps to safeguard against viruses, malware and ransomware.

  • Windows Defender Antivirus

    – Uses the power of the cloud, machine learning and behaviour analysis to protect your devices against future threats.

  • Internet Protection

    – Helps to protect your device against potentially dangerous apps, websites, downloads and files.

  • Secure Boot

    – Malicious software applications and unauthorised operating systems are prevented from loading during the system start-up.

  • Windows Hello

    – Biometrics, such as facial recognition and fingerprint ID, can be used to unlock compatible Windows Devices without having to use a password.

These features alone are sufficient for users that solely use their laptop or computer for personal use.


When it comes to professional purposes, however, Windows Pro is essential. Not only does it offer all of the same features that Home does, but a multitude of others that make Pro vital for business use. Let’s take a look at them:

  • BitLocker Device Encryption

    BitLocker is a full volume encryption feature that can be used to effectively mitigate unauthorised data access on lost or stolen devices.

  • Windows Information Protection (WIP)

    – WIP helps to protect against potential data leakage, as well as protecting against accidental data leaks on devices that employees bring to work without requiring changes to other apps.

  • Group Policy

    – Gives you the ability to manage PCs, user accounts and groups, and get easy access to files and printers when pairing Windows 10 Pro with Windows Server.

  • Microsoft Store for Business

    – You can find, manage and distribute apps to Windows 10 devices in volume.

  • Assigned Access

    – Windows 10 Pro devices run different applications depending on the user and keep individual identities separate and secured.

  • Dynamic Provisioning

    – With this, you can take a new PC out of the box, turn it on and transform it into a productive organisation device with minimal effort.

  • Windows Update for Business

    – Helps to effectively reduce management costs as well as provide control over update deployments, enable more efficient delivery of updates and supply access to the latest Microsoft innovations. Updates are installed easier- and earlier- than with Windows Home.

  • Support for Azure Active Directory*

    – A single login can be used by employees across Windows 10, Microsoft and other Microsoft services, making logins and passwords easier to manage. The shared log-in works on any device, such as PC, tablet and mobile phone, with minimal effort.


Considering how many more security and functionality features Windows Pro has compared to Windows Home, it is easy to see the importance of businesses using it, and that it is pre-installed upon buying business devices. It was created with businesses in mind, after all. In addition to all of the features listed, Windows 10 Pro offers other useful functions such as Remote Desktop and gives the ability to connect Windows Pro devices to a domain.

Windows Pro is needed for company-issued laptops and computers. It allows us to encrypt the computers we set up, meaning that only those who are authorized can access the device’s data. With Windows Pro, we are also able to connect the computer to a company Azure Active Directory* for better security management of a user’s devices.

A few other requirements when it comes to having a work computer include Multi-factor Authentication** and using pins, passwords, or fingerprint recognition. This is important as it helps to keep accounts and devices from being signed in-to by people that don’t have prior authorisation, due to the login process requiring further steps before allowing you to log in.


*An Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution. AAD allows users with company credentials to log in with their Office 365 details, and manages user access to cloud applications, as well as being able to synchronise with on-premises Active Directory.

**Multi-factor authentication is a highly effective way to keep your data secure, as it is a method of proving that the credentials you use to log in are your own. This is done by presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism.


Our Experience


As an IT company, we have experienced both having clients source computers themselves and also sourcing the computers for them.

When we order laptops or computers for our clients, we can ensure that the device has Windows Pro pre-installed and is work ready with all the necessary programs such as endpoint protection and patch management. This can all be done within a few hours, which means that we can generally get the device to the client by the end of the same day. Also, when we receive a device directly to our office, we can patch and install the required software in the middle of other jobs, which means that the time allocated to the device- and therefore the cost- are less.

If a client orders a business laptop or computer themselves, however, it is usually more expensive. Being brought on-site to set up and patch the device means that we generally don’t have any other jobs that we can be doing whilst we wait for the updates and installations to complete. This results in time wasted where other jobs could have been progressed or completed, and a larger expense due to having to bill for the total time we are on-site.



Windows 10 Pro is essential for all businesses due to its extensive security features, and it is cheaper for your business if your IT team source and set up your computers.

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