Multisite Company.

Implement a streamlined system which allows you to have centralized control and manage multiple sites all in one place.

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Business Virtual Private Network.

VPN For Multiple Companies

SME’s with multiple sites often choose a VPN solution that uses Firewall Hardware located at each site to establish secure connectivity. The connections are done by using the public Internet so can be affected by bandwidth issues and decreased speeds. We often find that the low cost makes this type of connection a great fit for our customers that do not require a guaranteed transfer speed between sites and rely on the connection for business-critical applications. Small Multisite Companies will find this solution great to improve productivity.

IP VPN For Multiple Companies

IP VPN is perfect for Multisite Companies that require dedicated speeds with unrivalled performance and reliability. It is perfect for business-critical applications, such as video conferencing. IP VPN is classed as a layer 2 service which means traffic bypasses the public Internet making its connections via dedicated lines.