Samsung Smart Switch for PC


Do you need to backup your Samsung Galaxy S6 to your PC or Mac? Well after some very difficult searching I finally found Samsung Smart Switch for PC.

A few months ago a bought my Samsung Galaxy S6 and I love it. I upgraded from a S4 where i used to use Kies 3 to back it up. Unfortunantly the rear camera on my S6 stopped focussing and so I needed a replacement phone.

Obviously it was going to make life a lot easier to backup the current S6 and restore to the new handset, but locating the official backup program proved difficult for some reason.

For whatever reason Kies does not work with the S6. I got an error message saying the device was not supported and to use Smart Switch.

Android central has a discussion about backing up the S6 with various options suggested. Others were saying, use Smart Switch for PC but never actually providing a link.

At the time of writing, when searching for Samsung Smart Switch for PC the samsung website takes you to a Samsung Smart Switch page, but never mentions or gives the option for a PC version, only the transfer between phones.

So for all those people wanting the Samsung Smart Switch for PC program to backup your Galaxy S6, here are the links.

Samsung Support Website

or simply use the links below

Samsung Smart Switch for PC

Samsung Smart Switch for Mac