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MD, Andy contacted Flyford to arrange a meeting about certain IT requirements for the new office. During our meeting, we discussed

  • File Sharing and Storage
  • Device and Internet Connectivity
  • The existing Telephone Numbers

The Problem

&create are expanding their services into video marketing and require the ability to share data quickly and efficiently between devices in the office and offsite. The current solution of sharing data from a single Mac is no longer suitable because of the sheer amount of storage required.

One of the problems of moving office is that your primary business telephone number typically has to stay with the building. As a result, all suppliers and clients need to be made aware of the number change and marketing material needs to be updated.

The Solution

Our solution for &create is a Hybrid Cloud System, where users in the office can share files and data quickly with any remote workers still have secure access to the data. This is done by using a massive 12TB of Network Attached Storage (NAS) which is to be located in the main office. Folder restrictions will provide security to sensitive information and projects.

The new office is located in a Managed Office Complex. The data cabling was already in place which provides connectivity between devices and the Internet. Some modification was required to provide connectivity to each desk in the way of additional network switches. During the Installation, we also configured a new Wireless Access Point to provide Wireless Throughout the office.

As standard, we setup two Wireless Networks, one for the private network and one that is for public use that Customers / Clients can use when visiting the &create.

Managed office space usually provides the tenant with a telephone to use in the office, this is coupled with a dedicated telephone number. As mentioned, its difficult to take this number with you if you chose to move to move out. As a result, we have supplied &create with a VoIP number that they can keep with them forever. This VoIP number will then be forwarded to the number the managed office company give us.

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Fibre Broadband is the go to solution for a lot of Business. However, Ethernet First Mile should be a consideration for business that require a reliable connection with guaranteed speeds. Typically your Internet provider will state a 9 hour, or better, return to service agreement.

Find Out More about Internet Connection Options

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Moving Office?

It can be stressful moving office, why not let us take some of the stress away? We can help move your Business IT Systems, Telephone Systems and numbers. Our project management team will ensure we have covered all bases before the big move

  • Telephone Numbers
  • Internet Setup
  • Multisite Connections Established
  • IT Systems Move including Servers and Computers

We can help you move you IT and Telephone Systems

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Managed IT Support

Our IT Support saves both time and money. We provide proactive solutions with 24/7 network monitoring, we aim to find the problems before they find you.

  • Onsite / Remote Technical Support
  • Proactive IT Solutions
  • Proactive Network Monitoring and Solutions
  • Crisis Response
  • Network Management

Find out about our Managed IT Support