Be Disaster Prepared

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

A Business Continuity Plan is important for all businesses, both big and small. Having a plan in place means you are prepared should you be unable to work without access to your data.

Without access to your work data, how will your business operate? How long can you sustain downtime in your business?

Cyber Crime is covered more and more in the media these days, but despite not receiving as much coverage in years gone by Cyber Crime has been prevalent for decades. Threats from ransomware mean we all need to be wary of the links we click and even more so for the files we download and open. A ransomware attack would render many of your files inaccessible or systems unable to operate. Due to these ramifications, we need ways of recovering from such a data disaster.

They say Time is Money

As well as IT Support, we provide a Disaster Recovery Service for a wholesaler in Lincoln. This particular company receives hundreds of orders per day, amounting to tens of thousands of pounds. Companies such as this suffer heavily when their systems go down. Fortunately, we have a solution in place which means they can be back up and running within minutes of a disaster taking place.

The costs incurred during downtime is not the only consideration you need to have, as recovering stolen equipment and data doesn’t come cheap and will certainly affect your insurance premiums.

Downtime also results in staff being sat around not doing much which can cause frustrations to staff, suppliers and customers alike. A business continuity plan combats this by minimising potential downtime…saving you money and ensuring everyone is happy.

Speak to your Insurance broker

With GDPR coming into action in 2018 it is important that these regulations are adhered to in order to avoid heavy fines. You are required by insurance companies to take steps in protecting both your own, and your client’s data. You need to ask yourself whether your insurance will pay out if you haven’t met certain requirements?

Make sure to Remember

Protecting your business from disaster doesn’t have to cost lots of money. A continuity plan doesn’t have to cost anything, just be prepared and be aware of the process should disaster strike.

Do you need help with your continuity plan or disaster recovery procedure? Give us a call 01302 986589, we will assist you by performing a free audit of your IT Systems and help you put a plan together.