An Apple Byte : Apple Gets 36 Per Cent Of Google’s Ad Revenue

During a recent court hearing where Google was trying to defend itself from monopoly claims, it was revealed that Google sends 36 per cent of the advertising revenue it makes on Apple’s Safari web browser to Apple.

The figure, which was revealed by an expert testifying on behalf of Google, could be damaging given that Google is trying to prove that its dominance of online searches is because they have a superior product and not down to any dealings that could be seen as restricting the competition.

In the case of Google Vs the US Department of Justice, it was reportedly revealed that Google has paid in excess of $26bn to other companies, such as Apple (paid an estimated $18bn), Mozilla, and Samsung so that it can be installed as the default search engine.

What Does This Mean For Your Business? 

Whereas some may consider these large payments simply to be evidence of the stiff competition in the market, such a revelation in a case where Google trying to counter any suggestion of anti-competitive practices could prove to be very damaging to its defence. If things go against Google, in addition to it receiving major fines, the effects could be felt across a tech industry that many say has always been dominated by a small number of powerful players.

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