One of the benefits of Microsoft 365 is the variety of different licenses to suit the business. Some of the licenses bring a higher level of security, with which restrictions can be put in place as to where users can access Microsoft documents from. For example, if they are outside of the UK, you can restrict the data that they can access. Another benefit of Microsoft/Office 365 is the amount of storage space each user is automatically assigned, which is 1TB. This can allow companies to save money on larger hard drives for data storage. One of the biggest downsides to Office 365, however, is that when you want to incorporate some of the more granular security measures, it can take a lot of research to get the answers you need. Out-of-date Microsoft versions can also be a hindrance due to the pace at which the systems are updated. We would recommend you consult an experienced IT supplier and Provider (managed IT service provider) to help tailor and implement your requirements.